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Patchwork quilt "Minions"

65 eur
69 usd
2415 uah
Статус работы - Готовая работа
Размер - 197 *137 см
The patchwork quilt / bedspread is made of cotton fabrics. Suitable for both girls and boys. The size of the blanket is 197 * 138 cm. Fillers "Slimtex-100" and "Termoloft aktive-100". The combination of these fillers gives an interesting effect: moderately dense and keeps its shape, light and tactilely pleasant, but most importantly - warm. I think it's hot to hide in summer, but in autumn, spring or warm winter - just right. Fabrics: top - American cotton, bottom - calico. The blanket is easy to use and can be washed in a washing machine at 30 - 40 degrees. Dry flat and iron - quickly moving the iron (but you can not iron). You can read about the properties and advantages of the "Slimtex-100" and "Termoloft aktive-100" filler on my website http://patchwork.com.ua/ - in the "blog" section.
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