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Patchwork set "Childhood book"

Статус работы - Готовая работа
Размер - 143*114 см, 60*40 см
People often ask me - do I sew for babies? Despite my experience in patchwork (over 7 years), it is always pleasant to sew for the little ones ... Not easy, but always pleasant. And as a mother of 4 children, I try to apply my experience of "motherhood" in sewing - convenience, practicality and "cute". The size of the bedspread and pillows is conveniently profitable, it will last for a long time - from birth to five years, for sure, my younger children (6 and 9 years old) still sleep on such small pillows. The size of the bedspread is 143 x 114 cm, pillowcases are 60 x 40 cm. Material - American cotton, reverse side - coarse calico (see the photo, scroll through the carousel). Filler Slimtex-150. The bedspread is quilted at all seams with a straight stitch and free-running technique. The pillowcases are also quilted and fastened with buttons. The border is sewn by hand. The blanket is washed, ironed and ready to use. You can wash in a washing machine at a temperature of 30-40 degrees. Shake after washing and dry flat. Iron without pressing, moving the iron quickly. You can read about the properties and benefits of Slimtex filler in the blog section.
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