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Outlander Patchwork

Статус работы - Под заказ
Размер - 223*223 см
To fans of one of my favorite TV series, Outlander - dedicated to ... A patchwork bedspread with a picture of the place of transition will help you plunge, if not in time, then at least - into the world of dreams and fantasies. The size of the bedspread is 223 * 223 cm. Material - American cotton, reverse side - calico. Filler Slimtex-100. The bedspread is quilted at all seams with a straight stitch and free-running technique. The border is sewn by hand. The blanket is washed, ironed and ready to use. You can wash in a washing machine at a temperature of 30-40 degrees. Shake after washing and dry flat. Iron without pressing, moving the iron quickly. You can read about the properties and advantages of Slimtex filler on my website in the blog section http://patchwork.com.ua/ The photographs used a bed 200 * 180 cm.
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