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Patchwork bedspread "Play of colors"

Статус работы - Готовая работа
Размер - 232*190 см
A simple play of colors is a joy - like playing with a kaleidoscope in childhood. Almost many had such a pipe and were staring at a variety of patterns. I turned a new pattern a little, I want to turn it over and over again to see a new interesting pattern ... Here is this cover - as if you are looking into a kaleidoscope, the pieces of glass are mixed and a new pattern has formed. Bedspread size 232 * 190 cm. The material is American cotton, satin, the reverse side is coarse calico. Filler HollowSoft (Holosoft) 100, warm, soft and holds its shape well, but I think it will become softer with time and several washings. The bedspread is quilted at all seams with a straight stitch and free-running technique. The border is sewn by hand. The blanket is washed, ironed and ready to use. You can wash in a washing machine at a temperature of 30-40 degrees. Shake after washing and dry flat. Iron without pressing, quickly moving the iron. You can read about the properties and benefits of HollowSoft filler on the website in the blog section.
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