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Patchwork bedspread - “Trepysh”

Размер - 187 *137 см
On the Internet, I have often seen a veil in such a technique, it is tempting, so I decided ... I must say right away, I had an ambiguous opinion - there are thoughts both “for” and “against” ... For people who do not like the fallen-out pile, I think it will not work, since at first it will crumble a little more. After sewing, the bedspread was washed twice and combed out - it gathered a bunch of fallen-out villi. And for the kids who are pulling everything in their mouths, they wouldn’t advise ... But for those who don’t want to bother with ironing, who are not bothered by a slight bruise, who like to wrap themselves in a plaid at the cottage, sitting by the fireplace ... something was dreaming ... sorry - for those will go with a bang. Convenient, comfortable, bright, not usual! And the cover “Trepysh” can be very cool for our beloved and not very simple teenage children. It is difficult for them to make a bed, and even more difficult to make their bed look neat during the day - all the kids like to lie around after school. And on this coverlet you can wallow as much as you like, and no one will see the difference. And even with such a color, the bedspread does not need frequent washing and is convenient to carry with you in the car. Weigh the pros and cons, to whom it suits, I will be glad. Stitched from American cotton, filler - slimtex. Size 187 * 137 cm. P.S. The bedspread found its owner.
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